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 Battle System

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PostSubject: Battle System   Battle System EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 8:18 pm

On Warriors of the River, we have a certain way of going about fighting. This also incorporates the rank system, found here.
There's charts of set moves and attack damages below.
-The amount of damage the moves do differs from rank-to-rank. The higher your rank, the more damage your attacks do.
-Moves always hit or have a fifty-fifty chance of hitting. This is further explained below.
-Moves can only be used once you reach a certain rank. You can use all the moves your rank has and from past ranks.
-Each move uses up a certain amount of your stamina points to do. Stamina costs are the same for every rank.
-Some of the moves have special effects, such as stunning your opponent or evading attacks. This is further explained below.

Battle Moves Chart

MoveMove TypeRank First UsableStamina CostSpecial Effect
Front Paw BlowAlways hitsKit5N/A
Front Paw StrikeAlways hitsApprentice10N/A
Belly RakeAlways hitsApprentice10N/A
Leap-and-HoldChance hitApprentice10Can't be hurt while using.
Damage inflicted each
turn move is in effect.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, 3, works for one turn.
4, 5, 6, works for two turns.
Back KickAlways hitsNewly Appointed Warrior15Usable only on a cat that's
not focused on you.
Play DeadChance hitNewly Appointed Warrior15Usable only if your
HP is at half or less.
Teeth GripChance hitYoung Warrior20Can only be hurt by Front
Paw moves.
Damage inflicted each
turn move is in effect.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, works for one turn.
3, 4, works for two turns.
5, 6, works for three turns.
Upright Front PawsAlways hitYoung Warrior20N/A
Scruff ShakeAlways hitsWarrior25Stuns opponent, roll to
see for how many turns.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, 3, stunned for one turn.
4, 5, 6, stunned for two turns.
Upright LockChance hitWarrior25Usable only if opponent's
HP is at half or less.
Upright Front Paws StrikeAlways hitsWarrior25N/A

Damage Done by Each Rank

MoveKitApprentice**NA WarriorY/WarriorWarriorExp. WarriorSen. War./ DepLeader
Front Paw Blow24679111215
Front Paw Strike-68911131418
Belly Rake-791012141520
Back Kick--101113151618
Play Dead--101113151617
Teeth Grip---810121316
Upright Front Paws---1113151617
Scruff Shake----57810
Upright Lock----14161720
Front Paws Strike----12141517
**Medicine Cats and their apprentices use the Apprentice damage and moves.

-Note that you can't use a move twice in a row unless your SP restricts you otherwise.-

Chance and Effect Moves
-For chance moves, roll one "Chance Dice" under 'Dices Roll' when posting to see if the move worked.
-Even numbers (2, 4, 6) mean you hit and odd numbers (1, 3, 5) mean you missed.
-When posting your chance attack, include one "Effect Dice" as well if the move needs one.
-If your move hit, edit your post. i.e. "EDIT: Hit, did _ damage, cost _ SP."
-If your move missed, edit your post. i.e. "EDIT: Missed, no damage is taken, no SP is lost."
-For special effects that use the 'Dices Roll', use one "Effect Dice" when posting.
-After posting, edit to say how many turns the special effect is in effect for, if needed.

Here's a link to a practice fight so you can see the battle system in practice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me or another Admin.

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Battle System
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