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 EX: Firekit's creation

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PostSubject: EX: Firekit's creation   EX: Firekit's creation EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 8:18 pm

Name:Firekit (Firegaze)

Tom or She-cat:She-cat

Appearance:Black with red paws and red ear tips and tail.

Eye color:red

Origins:snowclan (will probably be added later)

Personality:nice, sweet, kind, genirous

Role-playing sample:Firegaze sat there proudly as she watched her clan chant her name. Then her father came up "I am very proud of you" He said. That morning she finished her vigil. She got up and moved to the warriors den. She went inside and her friend looked up and waved her tail to motion to come to the nest beside her.
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EX: Firekit's creation
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