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 Spottedstar's 9 lives

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PostSubject: Spottedstar's 9 lives   Spottedstar's 9 lives EmptyWed Dec 22, 2010 11:16 pm

Spottedpelt woke up at the Wide Stone. She feared what getting her nine lives would be like. Then, the stars up above came down and turned into cats. They spoke as one "Are you ready to receive your nine lives Spottedpelt?" She dipped her to them and said "Yes i am." The first cat came up and gave her the life it had:

"With this life, I give you bravery," said blossomfrost
"With this life, I give you mentoring," said icefur
"With this life, I give you love and compassion," from thistletail
"With this life, I give you wisdom," from riverstripe
"With this life, I give you trust," from rosethorn
"With this life, I give you hope and willing," from stonepelt
"With this life, I give you leadership," from sunpelt
"With this life, I give you strength," from cloudburst
"With this life, I give you intelligence," from the leader of Starclan himself

All of the cats chanted her name, "Spottedstar! Spottedstar!" They slowly faded until she woke up. She was the new leader of Moonclan.
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Spottedstar's 9 lives
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